About  Me

Hello Quilt Lovers!  My name is Becky Davis  AKA all my family calls me "Tanny".  I Love to Quilt.

I love all stages of quilting from designing the quilts to the very last stitch.

I remember as a little girl my grandmother's quilting frame hanging from the ceiling, wondering what is that like.

I believe that quilts are a treasure for families:

"Families are like quilts

 lives pieced together

 stitched with smiles and tears

 colored with memories,

 and bound by love."

 Author unknown)

My purpose is to bring glory to my Heavenly Father who has given me this wonderful talent.

I want all who stop by this site, to know that Jesus Christ is My Lord and Redeemer.

Here is what I think about Jesus and quilting.


Sometimes when I look at my life, it seems like a homespun patchwork Quilt......

Quaint but not quite together,

There are bits and pieces of cloths and colors

Scraps of material.......

The days of my life......

When you began to put together the days of my life, you must have known where

each piece would go.

You have told me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I believe you, Lord.  I do!

I may not be a velvet tapestry, but even crazy quilts, have purpose, to give warmth cozy comfort and color to a room.

Whatever I am, Lord, you made me......Lovingly, Carefully, Reverently and exactly right.