An “Heirloom Quilt” is definitely a labor of love

“Heirloom Quilts” are a treasure, both to the person receiving the quilt and the one designing and creating the quilt. When I design an Heirloom Quilt, I have an opportunity to listen to the person I am creating the quilt for as they share their memories with me. This is such a special time we spend together. I learn the reason this person wants this quilt and their memories surrounding this quilt.

After this meeting I go home and begin my design work.

The first thing I do is draw out the quilt.

The second thing I do is to color the quilt pattern keeping in mind all the things I have learned about the person wanting this quilt.

The third thing I do is to let the creative process begin. I begin to draw, because I have found “if I can draw it, I can do it”.

The fourth thing I do is to get to work. I incorporate my drawings into the quilt. When I make the first quilt block and it is completed I immediately know if I have succeeded.

As the quilt comes together with each succeeding block I continue to keep the person in mind and think about all the memories they shared with me and the vision I have in my mind for this quilt.

An “Heirloom Quilt” is definitely a labor of love.

May Our Lord Bless You,



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