The Heirloom Quilt

My son-in-law, Andy, recently named a quilt I designed. He said it would be an “Heirloom Quilt”. I love designing and making these quilts.

Recently a mother of three asked me to create a special quilt for each of her children with memories of their grandmother, who they called “Mamma” or "Grandma". I knew this project was going to be three “Heirloom Quilts.”

One of the three quilts I am making is for Gentry, who is eight years old. Gentry’s quilt has a square with a butterfly made from a yellow blouse that Mamma wore.

The butterflies eyes are made from a flowered print blouse that Mamma wore.

Mamma made a beautiful poodle skirt for Gentry. I deconstructed the skirt and reconstructed a smaller version for a square in the quilt and it turned out so cute. This quilt square was so much fun to make I even put a little pair of panties under the skirt.

Mamma bought a beautiful dress for Gentry, (I almost cried when I cut up that dress), but the dress made another beautiful square for Gentry’s quilt.

I am quilting the quilt with roses, daisies, and black eyed susies. These flowers are reminders of precious memories Gentry has of her beloved Mamma.

I am going to share instructions about the process I go through when I make an “Heirloom Quilt. If you are interested in learning about this process please look for it on my Blog.

May our Lord Bless You,



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